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Let carved in your memory an unforgettable holiday in Sardinia staying in B&B Terre del Sinis.

You can find it in Cabras, the country embraced the lagoon from the banks of the Pond of Mar'e Pontis and framed by the hills of Sinis, land of long silences and farmland, wildlife and ancient monuments: open-air museum.


The charm of Cabras is related to beautiful scenery, but also to the archaeological discoveries of the Neolithic, of CurrusuisArrius, the ruins of the Punic-Roman city of Tharros, the site of Mont'and Prama that gave birth to the statues of the Giants dating back to the late Nuragico period.

Guests can simply enjoy the colors and smells through the walks along the banks of the pond, the kingdom of reeds and wild fennel, pink flamingos, reeds and salicornia, seagulls and cormorants.


The B&B offers easy access to Municipal Museum of Cabras, home of the Giants and display of the finds of the city of Tharros.

In addition, for those with a personality ecological, 20 minutes, you can visit the wildlife oasis of Seu, the dunes and the sparkling sea of ​​San Giovanni, the beaches of white quartz IsAruttas, the village of San Salvatore with the traditional "Corsa degli Scalzi" the first Sunday in September.


This unique heritage deserves to be absolutely visited, for this reason we expect the B&B Terre Sinis!


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